We work very hard every day to bring you best guaranteed products and value you can trust. We want you to love the products you buy from us.

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The BioStar Experience

We strive to make your experience with us flawless. This is our goal. We want the products you receive from BioStar directly or through our channel partners to consistently perform the way you expect. This means you never will have to worry about the products that you purchase from us.

Although this effortless performance is our goal to win each customer in Life Science Industry, this makes consistency a big job. We have learned through our several years of experience that there is no simple answer to the day to day hard work needed to bring you consistent quality. The only way to provide you with consistency is to invest in quality management processes that are flexible over time and monitor what we make every hour of every day.

Our Approach

The way we look at quality permeates all that we do. We work to improve our processes every day. It's only this on-going commitment that can be counted on to guarantee you consistent quality in the high grade research products you find in BioStar.

We don’t believe in saying it, we believe in showing it!!

BioStar Lifetech guarantees you:

High Quality

We are at your service with the products of International Standards manufactured under CE conformity, EN ISO 13485:2003?AC: 2007 and ISO 9001:2008 quality management system which allows us to meet the requirement of DNAase/RNAase free and Non-pyrogenic specialties.

Worthy Price

Our collaborated manufacturing companies have low manufacturing price which confers to 30-40% lower price than our competitors without compromising on the quality of our products. You shall know it ones you use them.

Low Lead Time

Ones you choose us, your order will be delivered within the shortest duration via our Logistic partners. We assure timely delivery of our products at your door-step.


Yes, we are committing to deliver products of high technical grade to our valuable customers by providing a 3 years warranty on the products. You can get our products replaced on immediate effect if it does not comply to your expected quality.

Efficient customer Support

You will have our all attention via Email or calls. The best team of BioStar Product Marketers would be in touch with you in introducing a broad variety of different products for Life Science research by weekly e-advertisements, promotional offers, etc and giving you as our customers a one stop shop privilege.

Experienced Team

We are always on board with our dedicated professionals to provide the best service to our customers with highest level of technical expertise, punctual delivery and excellent communication. We maintain a transparent relationship with our customers and assist them with our best solutions on time.