High-quality centrifugation. Real Performance

Our centrifuge tubes are design to successfully meet your needs every time you use them and test every lot of these tubes at a much higher g-force than we rate them to ensure that you can spin them safely. Our quality control team tests the seals with chloroform. So, these don't just look like centrifuge tubes, they really are!!

Real World Lab Tested

Our centrifuge tube products are developed in-house and manufactured in 100,000 grade clean room environment and tested in real lab.

Quality Certification

Certificates are on file with us by lot number for all test results and available upon request.

Virgin Resin

Only 100% virgin polypropylene resins are used in products. No recycled plastics or commodity grade resins


All Centrifugation products are autoclavable with a standard 121°C plasticware process for 15 minutes


Centrifuge tube Products can be used for frozen storage up to -80°C.

Key Features

  • All Your centrifugation Needs

    A wide product range of centrifugation products to meet your entire applications
  • Sterilization

    Our Centrifugation products are gamma irradiated with sterilization level SAL 10 ‾6
  • DNA/RNA Free Product

    Our centrifugation products are lot certified to be free of Human DNA/RNA contamination
  • Withstands Autoclaving

    Our centrifugation products are Autoclavable to 121° C for 15 minutes
  • Consistent Quality

    Our centrifuge tube products are tested lot by lot to ensure pure consistency in quality
  • High G force

    Rotation speed up to 12,000xg for conical bottom centrifuge tubes
  • Leak proof caps

    Longer length screw caps with sealing ring prevent any leakage.

Performance and Value

Centrifugation products series include centrifuge tubes and micro centrifuge tubes. Specially selected high-clarity polypropylene ensures good transparency, chemical resistibility and durability.

Dual quality security system of ISO9001:2008, ISO134485 quality management and 100,000es grade clean room control system ensures the highest quality.

Furthermore, the universal design makes the tubes suitable for most brands of centrifuge. Additionally, either gamma irradiation sterilized or non-sterilized products are available in order to satisfy the different research requirements and enhance the practicability. All the features allow them to be widely used in chemical and life science research