BioStar Lifetech, commencing its operations in 2011, is today positioned as one of the best service provider for highest quality of products in life science industry

BioStar offers a wide range of best-in-class life science products to Research Institutes as well as Biotech Industries in India through collaborations with world class manufacturers. Our portfolio covers a broad range of applications to simplify the research process at cost effective pricing, best of service, prompt technical support and low lead time.

A team comprising of highly skilled and committed professionals helps the Company deliver its products and services to every corner of the country.

A strong management team, robust and automated order processing systems, high quality product range, professional business development team supported by a dedicated execution team makes BioStar a choice for both customers and resellers.

BioStar helps customers do better research process by leveraging our industry–wide experience, comprehensive portfolio of products and vertically aligned business model. BioStar Champions optimized utilization of natural resources, capital and talent. Today, we are a trusted partner of choice for the life science business, looking to ‘differentiate at front’ and standardize at the core through launching of new technology interventions and rapidly re-engineer ourselves and be more responsive to changing customer needs.

Biostar's mission is to be the leading supplier of Life Science products catering to each corner of the country.

Our Mission is to provide world class Life science products and support to our customers and become their valuable partners in research process to the betterment of Human Health.

Collaborating Philosophy

BioStar has collaborated with many leading global players and exclusively represent them in India since its inception in 2011.We create international collaborations that are based on shared visions, ideals, knowledge and expertise. This sharing adds value to each collaborator and paves the way to developing breakthrough scientific innovations, providing solutions for unmet research needs. We are committed to provide the perfect solution with every partner with whom we work

Our Strength

  • Highly experienced management & technical team.
  • Proven track record in marketing and distributing innovative technologies.
  • Successful partnering philosophy.
  • Corporate culture that values ethics, integrity & trust.
  • Commitment to people and relationships.