Molecular Biology

PCR Plates and tubes for Most Thermo cyclers

Our disposables for polymerase chain reaction amplification can consistently be relied upon to perform. PCR products are manufactured from Prime Virgin Polypropylene. This results in tubes and plates that exhibit a perfect balance between transparency, softness, robustness, antistatic characteristics and gas tightness

Our PCR plates are made with 100% Virgin Polypropylene and work with all major brands of thermocyclers.

Real World Lab Tested

PCR products are developed using in-house laboratory and manufactured in clean room facility. Tested on different brands of thermo cyclers.

Quality Certification

Certificates are on file with us by lot number for all test results and available upon request

Virgin Resin

100% high Grade virgin polypropylene resins are used for manufacturing PCR products.

Highest Quality

Sterilization Assurance Level is SAL 10 ‾6. Every lot has been irradiated and dosimetrically released. Procedures for determining the dosage comply with ISO11137. Products are validated to have less than 0.5EU/Ml. Products are labeled DNase & RNase Free and have been validated.

Molecular Biology

Key Features

  • All Your PCR Needs

    A wide range PCR products which fits most popular PCR instruments.
  • Sterilization

    Our PCR products are gamma irradiated with sterilization level SAL 10 ‾6
  • Consistent Quality

    Our PCR products are tested for ATP lot by lot to ensure pure consistency in quality.
  • DNA/RNA Free Product

    Our plates are lot certified to be free of Human DNA/RNA contamination

Performance and Value

We supply our Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) consumables without additives so you don't need to doubt what is different about the plates, tubes or strips you are using this week. We also test every batch for contamination by Human DNA as well as the tests for Rnase and Dnase enzymes. Many of our plates are printed with black alpha numeric reference grids to make it easier for you to keep track of your samples.

Our PCR consumables are specially Ultra thin wall designed for efficient heat transfer & high light transmittance which is one of the unique features of our PCR products

PCR tubes are designed to fit many popular thermo cyclers. All our PCR disposables are made from 100% virgin polypropylene and are lot tested and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Human DNA. Autoclavable. Our PCR consumables are available in strips, individual tubes and plates in clear natural color.