Work with us to enrich your knowledge, skills and life.

At BioStar Lifetech, we have built an employee-friendly environment for our gender-diverse workforce and foster a leadership mindset that embraces meritocracy as a vital force to reward performance and exceptional competency.

Our Mission

We constantly attract, groom and retain the right talent to grow and achieve our ambitious future plans. By investing in the best talent, we aspire to create future leaders who can revolutionize the industry through innovative products and services. We have developed new talent sourcing channels and revamped existing ones to enhance their attractiveness and effectiveness for young, aspiring biotech professionals from around the globe. As more than half of our human capital is under 30 years, a demographic that is very active on social media, we are extensively using channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to enhance our employer brand image and gaining global recognition.

Talent we look for in YOU…

We seek individuals who are at ease with our ethos and appreciate the value of perseverance, inclusiveness and responsibility of doing the right thing at all times. If you have the zeal to strive for global standards and excellence without losing sight of the means being employed, BioStar is the right place for you.

We welcome you to embark on this professional journey with us and leverage this unique opportunity of becoming a substantial contributor and partner in the BioStar Liftech’s Success Story!