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Our Recent Launches

JET CellFACTORY™ Products

In the past ten years, due to the rapid development of biological products, the traditional method of obtaining biological products from animal tissues by biochemical technology has been far from meeting the needs of the market, and in vitro large-scale culture of animal cells which is applied to express specific proteins, monoclonal antibodies and interferon and product virus vaccine has become the most common technology currently.

At present, the common methods of cell culture include conventional cell culture dish, plate, bottle, spinner bottle, bioreactor, etc. The above cell culture devices have the following serious defects:
1) The unit volume of cell culture vessel and apparatus provides a surface area for cell growth, cell growth density is low, the number of harvested cells in a single culture is low, and a large amount of materials, labor and time are needed in repeated cultures;
2) Conventional cell culture dish, plate and bottle are all open type, so contamination is prone to happen in the process of liquid adding, inoculation and cell harvesting.

The high-throughput cell culture apparatus developed by JET is made from medical-grade general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) that is a polymer (patent number: ZL201220167380.4ZL201220167162.0), and is an ideal tool for large-scale cell culture and the production of cellular drugs.

JET 96 well PCR Plate

JET Biofil launched new PCR 96 well plate which is highly compatible with all popular 0.2ml thermal cyclers and ABI PRISM 3100, 3130 and 3700 capillary sequencers. The PCR plate is designed to be suitable for 0.2ml thermal cycler blocks. The PCR plate is manufactured with 100% Virgin Polypropylene construction for PCR application. Slightly raised wells provide easier sealing with mats, film, foil, heat seals, and flat and domed cap strips. Thin and uniform wall thickness is helpful for consistent thermal transfer.

Confocal Dish

Jet Biofil launched the confocal Dishes with 2 different pore sizes of 15mm and 20mm with Glass thickness: 0.19-0.22mm. Manufactured with Borosilicate glasses with high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content and uses medical grade shadow less glue which is highly transparent and achromatic. Our confocal Dishes are suitable for fluorescent microscopic experiment, confocal microscopy and phase-contrast microscopic experiments etc., Our confocal dishes are also suitable for all living cells examinations. Confocal Dish surface is smooth and free from striation to maximize usable area for growth and the rim on upper side of the lid mates with the dish brim for easy and secure stack. Lids with several little chimbs to shape vents are available for very effective gaseous exchange and are Sterilized by gamma irradiation and are Non-pyrogenic.

JET CellSCAFFOLD™ 3D cell culture

JET CellSCAFFOLDTM 3D cell culture series include culture plates with 6, 12 and 24 wells and culture dishes in sizes of 3.5cm, 6.0cm and 7.0cm.

They are all made of polystyrene (GPPS), a high molecular material. The 3D scaffold for cell culture is able to simulate the three-dimensional structure of the cells in animals and the human body to the maximum extent, to provide an ideal environment for the interaction between cells, to greatly improve culture area, and to extremely improve the yield of cell culture.

JET 3D scaffold for cell culture which is a patented product (patent number: ZL201620728244.6, ZL201620728243.1, 201510783345.3) is an ideal tool for three-dimensional cell culture, cell-cell interaction mechanism, cell immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, drug screening and the production of cellular drugs.

JET CellSLIP™ Cell slide

With the continuous updating and rapid development of life sciences research, technical indexes analyzed and observed by cell culture experiments are increasing and their covered fields are expanding. JET CellSLIP™ Cell slide is a material of in vitro cell experiment achieved by adherent cells growing adherent to a certain solid surface (e.g., cover glass, slide glass) according to the requirements of the experimental research. HE staining and immuno-cytochemistry of a large number of cell slides are often required in many research projects with massive samples and numerous indicators to be measured. However, routine cell slides used currently have serious defects. For instance, cell slides are prone to be damaged because they are made of glass; cell slides are difficult to control due to lack of handle; cells can grow in any part of the cell slide and their container when culturing, etc. JET cell slide and culture dish which is a patented product (patent number: ZL201520113833.9, ZL201420594580.7, ZL201420594259., ZL200610047607.0) solves various defects of existing cell slides and contributes to simple and easy operation of above experimental studies and application.