Liquid Handling

Extra Features at Exceptional Value!

Our Micro tips are precision molded with clean tip ends allowing perfect visibility of tip contents. The wide range includes 0.1 ul micro tips to 1 ml micro tips, including many universal models suitable for use with all the popular brands of pipettes.

All the tips models have convenient pricing. Controlled production and packaging ensures security against contamination when choosing RNA/DNA, sterile and pyrogen free pipette tips.

Real World Lab Tested

Tips are developed using in-house laboratory and manufactured in clean room facility. Tested on different brands of pipettes.

Quality Certification

Certificates are on file with us by lot number for all test results and available upon request.

Virgin Resin

100% Medical Grade virgin polypropylene resins are used. No recycled plastics or commodity grade resins.

Real Universal Tips

Our tips are compatible with all the major pipettes available and each models are tested for the compatibility analyses.

Liquid Handling

Key Features

  • Tips for All Your Needs

    A wide range of microtips which fit most popular pipettors
  • Sterilization

    Our Filter tips are gamma irradiated with sterilization level SAL 10 ‾6
  • Consistent Quality

    All tips are tested lot by lot for to ensure purity.
  • Withstands Autoclaving

    The non- filtered tips and racks are autoclavable at 121° c for 15 mins.
  • DNA /RNA Free Product

    Our Micro tips products are lot certified to be free of Human DNA /RNA contamination

Performance and Value

Filter tips are manufactured in clean room with high quality polypropylene and the best filter material. They are certified RNA/DNA and pyrogen free, sterilized by Gamma-irradiation .

Filter tips are guaranteed aerosol + fluid barriers, ideal for preventing contamination and carry over during PCR preparation. The refill system does not require any loading mechanism, making it so easy to use

All tips models are available at a convenient price. Controlled production and packaging ensures security against contamination when choosing RNA/DNA free, sterile and pyrogen free pipette tips.